Silver City Staking

A Blockchain Network Stakepool Node for the CARDANO Digital Currency (ADA)

Silver City Staking offers a dedicated server, secure pledge, and low margin fees to maximize your rewards. So what are you waiting for? Delegate and earn your rewards with Silver City today!


About Us

Paving the Way to Greater Rewards

In 2020, we had a vision that transports users into a world where digital currency is a part of people's’ daily lives. Silver City Staking is a budding project determined to show the world what an economic renaissance can be like. We have carefully built our Cardano (ADA) StakePool Blockchain Node to give the users what they want — the chance to enhance their digital asset gains. Our Blockchain Node is protected behind multiple relays which increase network connectivity while enabling redundancy for block producer propagation. 


What is Silver City Staking?

Silver City is a Blockchain Node StakePool Node designed for users of the Cardano (ADA) digital currency. We are part of a decentralized network of globally distributed blockchain nodes powering the next global financial operating system.

OK. Whats the catch? Is my Cardano (ADA) Digital Currency locked-up in a contract? Who manages custody of my Digital Currency?

Whats great about the Cardano Blockchain Network Staking process is that it does NOT require your ADA digital currency to be locked-up for a term—you can "un-stake" your ADA digital currency or switch to another stakepool instantly at any time with NO strings attached. Zero, Zilch, Nada...Easy as a mouse click. 

Also, your Cardano (ADA) digital currency NEVER LEAVES YOUR CUSTODY - meaning your funds will always remain in your own wallet. Awesome...

What are the typical returns for delegating (staking) my ADA to a stake pool?

Every stake pool is different and the rewards are constantly evolving with the technology. Currently, most efficient StakePools are typically generating between 4 -12% earned annual rewards. You can click our "Performance Specs" link above and access more detailed information about our technical performance. You can also use our Rewards Calculator button to get some general estimates on your potential future rewards.

Why the Cardano blockchain instead of another blockchain network?

Cardano is a decentralized PUBLIC blockchain and digital currency project that is fully OPEN-SOURCE. Cardano is developing a global blockchain network which seeks to deliver more advanced features than any other blockchain network previously developed. Using a research-based, academic approach - the development teams consists of a global collective of some of the brightest computer scientists, researchers, and engineers on planet Earth.

The result is the first digital currency to be based in Haskell code, an 'industrial strength' code that delivers the security and resilience necessary for mission-critical systems and engineered for efficiency and scalability. It will be the most complete and useful blockchain network and global financial operating system ever constructed. Period.


Please Read

This Proof of Stake Blockchain pool operator is not a money transmitter, under Wyoming State and United States Federal law, and does not engage in the sale, transmission, transfer, or storage of any type of money, currency, or convertible virtual currency. This pool operator does not engage in purchasing and exchanging any form of currency, or convertible virtual currency, between persons or accounts, and does not operate a Money Services Business. This pool operator only facilitates the mining of blocks for mining pools and contract purchasers, and is not a money transmitter nor subject to the Bank Secrecy Act regulations, as these transfers are integral to the provision of services. This pool operator does not control user access, domestic or foreign, to the blockchain, or access to the mining pools. Once materials have been obtained after mining the blocks through the Proof of Stake platform, this pool operator is not liable for what the pool miners or contractors do with said materials outside of the platform. Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 40-22-104(a)(vi) (Current through 2020 Budget Session and First Special Session of the Wyoming Legislature) and 31 C.F.R. § 1010.100(ff)(5)(B)(ii)(F) (current through the June 11, 2020 issue of the Federal Register).

If you are from a country listed on the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) or as a Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), you are not allowed in this pool due to unclear U.S. regulations. and

Updated: August 1, 2020


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